Message from The Principal

Mr. Kinga Rinchen

Mongar Higher Secondary School has been educating for over 55 years. It has been delivering quality services and has produced Lyonpos, Secretaries, Directors and other officials.

The School envisions every individual graduates to be the faithful servant of “Tsa Wa Sum” by enabling them to have wholesome development. Except for the old infrastructure and scarcity of water supply, the culture of the school is favorable for all the students to fulfill their goals.

The team of hard working teachers and support staff makes it ever more easier to take up the challenges of being one of the autonomous schools in the kingdom.

AMA (Alumni for Mongar Association) has been strong partner in the pursuit of our goal, besides Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar and other stakeholder.

We remain committed to delivering quality services to our children but would strongly seek the support from different agencies: department and non departmental organization and community. Let us all celebrate the pride and success of MONGAR HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL by being part of it in nation building process. 

This  Website is  launched to mark The Golden Jubilee Year
of Mongar Higher Secondary School.

Mongar Higher Secondary School established in the year 1959

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2014 Academic Results

School Lottery Draw:

Ist: 52262

2nd: 61280

3rd: 57897

Consolation: 51587, 63258, 63503

Last Date to Claim the prizes is 20/3/15

For Details contact: 17613902


Due to unavoidable circumstances, School Lottery draw is postponed to 21st February. School highly regrets for the inconnvience.

Midterm Examination begins from 20th June and ends on 28th June. School will close for midterm break from 29th June. Boarding students will report on evening of 15th July and dayscholar students will report on morning of 16th July. School wishes its family a safe and happy vacation.

On 15th May, Football Pickup tournament to mark 55 years of Mongar HSS in Nation Building. First match between Dragon United and Pawos United. Each team consists of two teachers and 12 student  players, total of 12 teams are participating with four pools consisting of  three teams in each pool. Two teams from each pool will qualify for quarter finals.

On 10th May, 2014 UN Volunteer and Youth Volunteer Mr. Kencho Dorji shared "the Spirit Of Volunteerism" and UN's post 2015 Development Plans with the School Tarayana Club Members. As part of the program a survey was conducted. My World Global survey pledge was signed by choosing six most pressing issues in respective communities.

On 8th May, English skit competition was conducted between  Classes XI and XII. Same program will be conducted for classes IX and X. This program is conducted to improve English language and revive disappearing art.



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